Positive feedback… never hurts!

“You have been my rock.  Thank you for always listening and taking the time to be there for me through the tough decisions.”  P.G., 72 years old.

“Laurie, you are so thoughtful and authentic.  Thank you for helping my dad understand what was holding him back from moving to an assisted living.  He is doing great, has new friends and his smile back again!”  L.J., 56 years old. daughter to Harry, 88 years old.

“You helped me figure out that being a professional organizer is not for me! And I thank you.  You saved me a lot of time and energy that I can now focus on my real passion… photography!”  J.B., 44 years old.

“You are great, I miss you and again I wish you only the best! Your programs are very interesting and among the seniors’ there is a real need for your positive and professional as well as caring attitude.  Til we meet again…….. ” Mary

“Hi Laurie, I just want to thank you for attending our Hoarding Task Force Meeting on Tuesday.  I can speak for the whole group in saying that your experiences and insight into this process was extremely helpful and inspiring.” Gail Wilson, Director Mashpee Human Services
“Thank you so much for helping me get out of a 20 year slump.  My load, is lighter now…both personally and literally.” Bob, 76 years old.