Feel the Change in the Air?

There is something about the Fall that makes me feel refreshed, energized and ready to make changes in my life.

Visually the colors move me, I love walking outside and seeing color and falling leaves.  The sensations of walking through leaves and the sounds that they make crunching under my feet remind me to take a moment and breathe in the fresh air.  Fall is also brief in time, and I know that Winter will soon approach- so I take every chance I can to spend time outside and just be.  Sitting on the grass or running around with my children.

This year the Fall feels even more energizing because I am focusing again on what I love and want to do- build Reaching a Fork in the Road.

In early September I faced my test anxiety and sat down to take a 4 hour exam.   I tested for my LICSW (Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker) exam.  After 4 long hours and some computer calculations – PASSED appeared on the screen.  I did a happy dance at the thought that I had just completed my last standardized test!  I also danced a jig to the thought of what this means to me professionally.

It means that I can now offer my services to more people.  I am currently in the process of joining insurance boards and will be able to accept insurance, including medicare in the near future.

I am also energized that I have found an office space in Salem that I will be using for in-office visits.  I still plan on visiting people at their homes if that is were they are most comfortable, but an office space allows for more options and a place to meet privately.  Meeting at Panera Bread has its advantages (love the pastries and coffee), but it also has its price in extra calories and lack of privacy.

So now your saying – That’s great Laurie!  How do I refer people to you?  Who should I refer to you?

How:  You can direct potential clients to my web-site www.reachingaforkintheroad.com or e-mail lauriegrantlicsw@gmail.com or phone (617) 548-8927

Who: 1) people who feel that their possessions have taken control of their lives (material and emotional) possessions. 2) older adults who are feeling blue or worried more days than not, thinking or dreading their retirement, overwhelmed by life changes. 3)someone who is ready to confront obsessive or impulsive thoughts and wants to work on new behaviors 4) a person who is having a hard time adjusting to a change in their life and wants support during this time of transition.

Now your asking- What do I get if I refer someone to you?  A gift card?

I wish I could give out gift cards, but in my profession that is unethical and against our Code of Ethics.  What I will give you for a referral is my promise that I will treat your friend, family member, client with care and help them make the connections to move forward with their goals.  A thank you card might also come your way.

Thank you so much for the support as I move forward with my own goals and dreams.




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