Second Year in Business

I feel blessed to say that Reaching a Fork in the Road is still moving forward and keeping me busy…so busy that my web-site is in desperate need of an update.  I’ll have to get to that, one of these days.

Here are a few highlights from the past year that I want to share:

I continue to have the opportunity to meet and work with some amazing, fascinating people. My greatest joy is playing a part in a transformation and watching a client do something just a little bit differently and feel a LOT better.  Thank you to the people and families that I have had the chance to work with this past year.

Traveling– I have put some miles on my old mercury sable this past year.  Presenting workshops in Franklin County, Martha’s Vineyard, Brockton, the Cape, Boston and Princeton.  It is always fun to get in the car and see and area of the world (well state) that I have never been too.  Although I did not grow up in MA, I really do feel at home here now.

Consulting work– I continue to work with MassHousing helping to develop and implement Hoarding community efforts/Task Forces. Masshousing has done so much in this area and continues to be the go to for up to date information on hoarding resources.  I had a great chance to work via phone/skype with a group from Canada.   And I recently had the opportunity to meet with a group from Brisbane, Australia (here in Boston) who are looking at our work to start their own programs.

Greater Lynn Senior Services- The hoarding program at GLSS continues to grow and be viewed by many as a best practice program in the state- maybe the country!  I am proud of my work at GLSS developing and implementing this program and for the support of the agency as we figure out how to pay for this important work.  We are laying the ground work and waiting patiently for the funding to appear…. funder’s give me a call!

Salem State University– I am still teaching as an adjunct in the Bachelors of Social Work program at Salem State University.  One of the highlights from the past year was having the opportunity to serve as a field liaison and conduct the seminar class.  I had a small group of students who I was able to get to know very well and watch them grow from their first day of internship to their graduation date.  I love teaching for many reasons- the students enthusiasm and interest in the field, the energy of the campus, surrounding myself in a learning environment, having the chance to talk to and pick the brain of the professors who I respect and admire.

Hoarding Best Practice Guide for MA Executive Office of Elder Affairs- A project I have worked on this past year has been to chair a committee and work on gathering our collective knowledge to produce a guide for senior service agencies on how to work with and address the mental health issue of hoarding.  I just submitted the first draft and hitting that send button felt SO good.  I’m not sure when it will be available, but I will keep people updated on my Reaching A Fork in the Road facebook page.

On a personal note- My family is about to welcome our second son.  In just four weeks we will go through our own next transition and become a family of four.  I’ll be taking a bit of a break October 29th through January to focus on my new little joy and figure out our new norm.  If you know me- you know I have a lot of energy so I expect to still be checking e-mail (I just can’t help myself), phone calls on the other hand might not’s going to get loud around here.

What do I hope for in Year 3?

-I hope to test for my LICSW – still plugging away on my clinical hours.

-I hope to grow the Family and Loved One Support Group (see group page for more details)

-I hope to continue to have the opportunity to work with new clients and their families

-I hope to move the program at GLSS into a self sustaining program that has a budget and staff support

-I hope to continue to work with and encourage students to enter the field of gerontology

-I hope to continue to work on my own families work/life balance and have time for both work, family, travel and play

Thank you for your support of Reaching a Fork in the Road.  I learn best when I am meeting with and engaged with professionals and seniors who are passionate and care about their work, and I feel thankful that I have that opportunity every day.

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