Enjoying the Fall

The last few months have been amazing.  The Fall is by far my favorite time of year, I love the crisp air, pumpkins and the yellow and reds of the trees in my neighborhood.  This year I had a little more time to enjoy the change in season and the chance to watch my growing toddler play in the leaves (I am smiling right now as I write this).  It does not surprise me that I have not updated my blog, any down time was spent outside you will all be happy to know.  It is cold out there today, so here I am typing away!

Reaching a Fork in the Road had a busy Fall, it started out by hitting the road and traveling to the towns of Barnstable, Mashpee, Middleborough, and Norwood to present and help the groups plan and build there Hoarding Task Forces.  Each town was unique, but at the same time they are all  trying their best to address the issue of hoarding at the community level.  Today more than ever it is important for agencies to collaborate in an effort of sharing resources and time.

I have had the privilege of working with a number of clients privately.  Some of the subjects we have addressed have been simplifying, downsizing a large home, and starting a business.  Thank you so much for welcoming me into your lives, it really has been fun to see each of you make changes and find increased happiness.

I spoke at the Beverly Sen-net meeting on September 22nd to an audience of close to a 100!  The topic: Hoarding and how a Community Responds.  I spoke about the work I am doing at Greater Lynn Senior Services as the Hoarding Outreach Specialist.  We are providing in home support to individuals who hoard and have started a community group called Greater Lynn HOPE (Hoarding Outreach Partnership Effort).  I also attended and spoke at the State Wide Hoarding Steering Committee held at MassHousing in October.  MassHousing has led the way in educating housing and other professionals on the subject of hoarding.

Which brings us to today- the Sunday after Thanksgiving.  I like most of the country plan on exercising and eating healthier after the feast a few days ago.  Does a walk around the block count as exercise for today?  Some exciting things about to happen include an article that will come out soon in Living Right Along a publication of Northeast Senior Health/Beverly Hospital.  A Clutter support group that will begin in January in Peabody.  Also I will be looking for sites to host a New Beginnings group that will focus on making the most of your “retirement” years.  The group will follow the 2young2retire format, but also allow for those who are currently in retirement to participate.

A Thank you if you read this entire post and a Thank you for all of you who have helped and supported my efforts.  We all need cheerleaders/champions to encourage and build us up… so we can not only keep going, but do it well.


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