After a week in California I feel refreshed and ready for… another vacation?! How can that be?  How can that always be!!  I like work, I like home…the day to day- but there is something truly wonderful about having a set amount of time when you can focus not on what you like but instead on what you love.  Leisurely meals, ocean walks, time with family and friends- and the luxury of afternoon naps.

On this trip I had a chance to visit one of my favorite places, Santa Barbara.  My college friends and I spent a long weekend renting a house in Goleta, close to the University of California, Santa Barbara.  Our trip was as much about reconnecting as it was about eating and eating we did- we indulged, as we spent time remembering our college days.  So much has changed with our group of friends, yet we are still able to connect and create new memories.  I am so thankful that everyone took time out of their busy schedules to set aside this weekend to enjoy and celebrate our lasting friendships.  I love you girls!!!

August will be a busy month for Reaching a Fork in the Road.  I am working with Mass Housing to assist in the creation of hoarding task forces throughout the state of Massachusetts.  In the next week I will be traveling to Barnstable and Norwood.  I am also putting the finishing touches on a brochure and creating new business cards.  I am scheduling groups/workshops for the Fall/Winter.  Putting proposals together today.

OH vacation I miss you-Laurie      

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