It’s for Real…

Today the web-site has officially started… gulp!  It feels real now, I really am starting my own business.  I am excited, nervous and optimistic that this new adventure will take off.   I love helping people figure out how to live their lives to the fullest .. so before I begin to work with others I am making some changes in my own life, it seems like the right place to start! 

A big thank you to my wonderful brother, Danny Cantrell for all his help and support.  He is a tech genius, although he pretends not to be.  You can check out his work at   and a big thank you to my husband, Brian, for being so patient as I hog the computer 🙂

Cheers … let the adventure begin!


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1 Response to It’s for Real…

  1. Kelly Kondrat says:

    “Cheers” to you, my friend! And good luck on your new adventure.


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